words(on)pages is currently on hiatus—thus we will not be publishing (parenthetical), chapbooks, or running our reading series in 2018.

words(on)pages is a Toronto-based arts collective that aims to support, promote, and connect emerging artists and arts professionals. We are an organization created by emerging writers for emerging writers. We know that, without a big name to put in your byline, it can be nearly impossible to get recognition for work that may well deserve accolades. We know that getting rejected by publishers and literary magazines gets frustrating. We know that doing open mics week after week for no apparent reason can be disheartening.

We want to remind you that your work is valuable.  We want to give you something you can put on a bookshelf, something you can peddle at readings, something you can sell to kind friends and curious strangers. We want to give you money. We want to give you connections. We want to give you proof that your years of late nights and awful jobs and first drafts and rewrites are worth it. Think of our work as tangible proof that hey, your shit’s pretty rad.


meet the words(on)pages co-founders



William Kemp | (email him) | beard afficionado, line-break expert | poetry editor

William is a poet, publisher, and Beat admirer from Toronto, Ontario. He has received post-secondary education in stand-up comedy at Humber College, as well as in English literature and book publishing from York University. His life, style, and writing inspirations are drawn from the Beat movement, motivating him to write and perform a unique genre of poetry that brings together elements of both page poetry and spoken word. In his most recent ventures, William has observed, objected to, and set out to remedy the disconnect between the page poetry and spoken word/slam communities.

Find him on the Facebookthe Twitter, and the LinkedIn, or visit his website for samples of his writing and a closer look at his poetic vigilante objectives.


Nicole Brewer | (email her) | optimism enthusaist | fiction editor

Nicole is a writer, editor, and publisher from Toronto, Ontario. She has received post-secondary education in journalism at Ryerson, publishing at York, and English at both, which all eventually resulted in a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Professional Writing. She has also received a post-graduate education in book publishing at Humber College, where she specialized in editing, agenting, and marketing in the publishing industry. She is passionate about emerging artists, small press culture, short fat dogs, and tea. She currently works for the League of Canadian Poets.

Find her on the Facebookthe Twitter, and the LinkedIn, or visit her website for editing information and samples of her writing.