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(parenthetical) issue thirteen contributors

— table of contents — Jeff Blackman’s poetry has appeared in periodicals such as Blacklock’s Reporter, In/Words, and the Steel Chisel, the anthology Five (Apt. 9 Press), and Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015 (Tightrope Books). He keeps warm in Ottawa, Ontario, with his growing family. Visit jeffblackman2001.wordpress.com for poetry and downloadable chapbooks. Liza Edwards-Levin is a student in Chicago.… Read more →

Sixty Sentences

Fiction by Jacob Wren. (Read our interview with Jacob here.) — In entertainment culture, superheroes become dominant during times of war. Agent provocateurs promoted violence, which was in turn used to justify greater state repression. I feel extremely alienated by the dominant discourse, but I also feel somewhat alienated from a long series of other, less dominant discourses. Like planting… Read more →


Fiction by Jacob Wren. (Read our interview with Jacob here.) — Twice in the past month someone has called me monomaniacal. I believe it was the first two times I ever even heard the word. I barely noticed it the first time, it was only the repetition that caught my attention. Basically, what I think they both meant is that… Read more →

This is the beginning…

fiction by Jacob Wren. (Read our interview with Jacob here.) — Anything is possible, but not everything. Thinking you know exactly what is going to happen next is the easiest way to be wrong. Of all the things that are possible, among which we might even include many things that are relatively impossible, rather few are likely. It is possible that… Read more →

an interview with Jacob Wren

online-exclusive content — We’re incredibly excited to have three of Jacob Wren’s stories in this, our two-year anniversary issue of (parenthetical)! He is the first writer we’ve ever solicited as part of a new format we’re trying out, part of which is having an online-exclusive interview with a “featured” writer from the issue. We want to use these interviews to… Read more →

year three: holy shit

a note from the editors — Somehow, we are heading into our third year of this absurd little venture we call words(on)pages. Probably at least once a month, we’ve considered shutting it all down—because who doesn’t think about it? Quitting, giving up. But then we produce another issue of (parenthetical) with another (approximately) ten incredible writers who trusted us with their… Read more →


poetry by Angela Penticuff Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — ANGELA PENTICUFF has a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Central Missouri, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Creative and Life Writing from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a content editor for the literary magazine Blue Monday Review. Five years ago… Read more →

Rejuvenation (editors’ pick)

poetry by Farah Ghafoor — from issue thirteen Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — FARAH GHAFOOR is a fifteen-year-old poet and a founding editor at Sugar Rascals. She believes that she deserves a cat and/or outrageously expensive perfumes, and can’t bring herself to spend pretty coins. Her work is published or forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, alien mouth, Really… Read more →

Are You a Man or a Ghost?

poetry by Ted Elliot Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — TED ELLIOT writes from Montreal where he’s pursuing a degree in English Literature at Concordia University. His poems start out mostly as scribbles in worn notebooks. He is often found perusing second-hand bookstores, looking for new additions to his already colossal home library. Read more →


poetry by Liza Edwards-Levin Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — LIZA EDWARDS-LEVIN is a student in Chicago. She has been published in her school’s literary magazine, in (parenthetical), in University of Chicago’s Blacklight Magazine, and in the Chicago area Poem-A-Day Project. She has exhibited her art- and creative writing based-zine, Creative Evolution, at the Chicago Zine Fest for… Read more →