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The Curious Case of Literary Awards

non-fiction by William Kemp (online exclusive) — We know “awards are bullshit”. (Or, maybe a little jealously, we who are excluded from awards call awards bullshit.) There are countless articles on prizes and “prizeability,” how it stifles creativity and experimentation in CanLit; how it leads to a few familiar voices from a few familiar publishers dominating the conversation of Canadian… Read more →

Side Effects, 3 a.m.

poetry by Tyler Gabrysh — Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — TYLER GABRYSH is a west coast writer who’s been a contest winner in Geist, Other Voices, and Open Minds Quarterly. His book reviews and interviews have appeared in The Malahat Review, Planet Earth Poetry, and Coastal Spectator.  Paperplates will be publishing his poetry later this year. He… Read more →

Tooth Fairy

poetry by Sacha Archer — Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — SACHA ARCHER is a Canadian writer currently residing in Ontario. He earned his B.A. in English Literature in 2008 from Trent University. He was the recipient of the 2008 P.K. Page Irwin Prize for his poetry and visual art, and in 2010 he was chosen to participate… Read more →


poetry by R. Kolewe — Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — R. KOLEWE’s first book of poems, Afterletters, is available from BookThug. A second book, Inspecting Nostalgia, is forthcoming from Talon Books in 2017 His work has appeared online at ditch, e-ratio, and The Puritan, and he has been associated with the magazine of Canadian poetics, influencysalon.ca.… Read more →

36 Finch

poetry by Peyton Bechard — Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — PEYTON BECHARD is a Canadian MA student studying at York University in the Humanities and focusing on the arts in North and South Korea. (parenthetical) is his first publication. Read more →

two poems about walking backwards

poetry by ivan de monbrison — Poem not displaying properly? Read it on Issuu. — IVAN DE MONBRISON is French poet, writer, and artist who lives in Paris and Marseille. His poems or short stories have appeared in several literary magazines in France, Italy, Belgium, The UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and the US. Five poetry chapbooks of his works have been… Read more →


fiction by Taylor Lauren Ross — Diana tried to console herself, now that David was gone, with his foibles. He put their tiny office trashcan against the floor to brush crumbs into it instead of using a dustpan. He squeezed the toothpaste from the middle and expected her to laugh at all of his jokes, even the ones that didn’t… Read more →


fiction by Sarah K. Stephens —   People come in with the astringent ding of a bell, the soft pseudo-decontamination of the hydraulic pistons on the sliding door, and think that this place is a sterile fortress. No one associates smells with convenience stores—they’re not in them long enough to register the waxy melt of the nacho cheese or the… Read more →