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Weed Apologue | by Sarah-Jean Krahn

— Weed Apologue by Sarah-Jean Krahn $12.00 | 978-0-9950733-9-5 This chapbook is sold out via words(on)pages; contact Sarah-Jean directly via her website, sarahjeancreates.com, to purchase a copy. — A rewriting of Robert Kroetsch’s Seed Catalogue, this chapbook criticizes the colonial history of Canada and its relationship to the devastation of the environment and the status of women. Weed Apologue reveals… Read more →

No Subject for the Inexperienced | by Clay Everest

— No Subject for the Inexperienced by Clay Everest $12.00 | 978-0-9950733-8-8 ORDER NOW! — No Subject for the Inexperienced explores the intersections where history and life overlap. The candid and elegant poems in this collection track a narrator as they deal with the death of a friend and loss of a relationship while paralleling the sinking of the Titanic… Read more →

boke 暈け | by Jasmine Gui

— boke 暈け by Jasmine Gui, with illustrations by Jacqueline Lai $12.00 | 978-1-988975-00-9 ORDER NOW! — boke is a blue collection, a rainy collection, a walking collection. These poems are about the journey of looking and not seeing exactly, but seeing enough. From the tiny logging towns and coastal ports in Malaysia, to the mega cities of Hong Kong… Read more →

BORG EMOJI: robot sleep studies | Lindsay Cahill

— BORG EMOJI: robot sleep studies by Lindsay Cahill $12.00 | 978-0-9950733-6-4 ORDER NOW! — Brought to you by the makers of the Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device. The good people at The Dream and Nightmare Laboratory are about to follow one robot’s sleep-fever and embark on the slumber party of a lifetime. A computer dares to dream—of death, hope, internet. The… Read more →

Cervantes’ bones | rob mclennan

— Cervantes’ bones by rob mclennan $12.00 | 978-0-9950733-5-7 ORDER NOW! — DESCRIPTION COMING SOON — Excerpt: “Undivided attention” originally published in COUGH #8 1. Blend, contract. We paint the days. A scar of possibility. The word is less a word. The word. Between you and. Intention, limits. An elegy of scraps. A season of unbending light.     2. And… Read more →

Kite Extension | Stanford Cheung

— Kite Extension by Stanford Cheung $12.00 | 978-0-9950733-7-1 ORDER NOW! — Tinkering with the parameters of language and form, the poems in Kite Extension chart a patterned quilt of dreams, presenting dichotomies between the confessional present metonymy of everyday life against the apertures of a soundscape memory of the past. Through these two modes of existence, the speaker tries to find some… Read more →