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If you have some previously unpublished (if it’s appeared on your blog or website, that’s okay) poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, or something non-categorizable you’d like us to consider for publication, send it along. We also accept submissions for cover designs and/or art. PLEASE READ ALL SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES BEFORE YOU SEND US YOUR WORK.

Regardless of whether or not we publish your work, we will email you back with our decision as well as feedback if you so desire.


Submission guidelines for (parenthetical)

For all submissions

…it’s probably a good idea to take a look at previous issues and our blog to see what kind of stuff we usually enjoy, but also, take chances. Be bold. If you’re still not sure what we like, check out the list below for some stuff we like. You may submit up to four pieces, but we will only ever accept one per round of submissions. AGAIN, you may only submit four pieces of writing/art. 

Writers and artists who are accepted to the magazine will receive a token payment of $15 and a discounted price on any copies of the issue they appear in. We are a Canadian publication, which means we have mandate to publish mostly Canadian work. That does not mean we will not accept international submissions, but spots are limited.


…can be of any style, and up to four pages per poem. Please only submit four poems (or, if you are submitting multiple genres, submit up to four pieces).


…should be up to 1750 words. It should be literary fiction, but if you are a literary fiction writer, you also know that that is an incredibly broad description. We really, really like magic realism. We are also cool with micro and flash fiction. At this time, we don’t accept genre fiction (eg. horror, romance, fantasy, sci-fi). Please only submit four pieces of fiction (or, if you are submitting multiple genres, submit up to four pieces).


…should be up to 2000 words, and must have its foundations in CanLit, somehow. We are looking for feature-style articles that look critically at the industry and its authors, publishers, books, prizes, trends, et cetera. You could critique the industry, praise it, review a controversial CanLit title, or document your own experiences in the industry, and so on. If your writing is incredible and the connection is tenuous, send it along. Take chances.

Visual or graphic content

…can be a comic, an illustration, a painting, a photograph, a drawing, and so on, and so forth. Our trim size is 8×8, with room for margins, so keep that in mind when you are considering what you might like to submit. For instance, even something that fits onto a normal letter-sized page may have to be shrunk considerably to fit into our zine. All visual or graphic content must be at least 300 dpi—.pngs or PDFs only.

Cover art and/or designs

…can be anything, but must—or must be able to—incorporate our magazine title, information like the price, date, ISSN etc., and a full list of contributors’ names—generally about 15 names. Our trim size is 8×8, with a 1/4-inch border around all edges.


Now that you’ve read the guidelines

E-mail your submission(s) to as either a .doc, .docx, or .PDF, with the word SUBMISSION in the subject line. Please also include a short bio that outlines where you’re from and where else you’ve been published. We are looking for previously unpublished work (it’s okay if you’ve published it on your blog or website though), and we would prefer not to receive excerpts from a longer work. We also ask that you specify whether or not you would like feedback on your submission. We offer this to every submission we receive, but we get many of them, and are but a team of two. As such, we want to give feedback to those who truly would like to receive feedback on their work.

We cannot stress enough how important a well-constructed submission is. We get many quality submissions and if your submission suggests that you did not read the guidelines, we may send you a form rejection. If you send us too many pieces, we will not consider your submission as is, and will ask you to resubmit. We want to respect your work and read it, so we ask you respect us and follow our submission guidelines.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please be sure to tell us if the work you’re submitting is also under consideration elsewhere. Also, please let us know if your work gets accepted elsewhere—save both yourself and us the awkwardness and time wasted.

Know that we are a team of only two, so please allow some time for us to get back to you. If you do not get an initial word back from us within a month of submitting, please don’t hesitate to email us again. If you do not hear from us with a verdict on your submission within a month of the current deadline, please don’t hesitate to email us. We also try to give feedback on every submission we get, if you’d prefer it. We know how valuable it is to receive feedback. That said, again, we are two people, so please allow us some time to formulate our thoughts. Also know that our feedback is simply the subjective opinion of but two people. Again, we also stress that you specify whether you would like to receive feedback on your submission.


 Some books we think are pretty cool (but don’t let these scare you off)