We are currently on hiatus, meaning words(on)stages is not running at the moment.


words(on)stages is the reading series started by words(on)pages to make a space for emerging writers to come, hang out, and share work in front of people who are excited to hear it. (Us, we’re excited to hear it.) Each show, the series features two or three poets and a 5- or 6-slot open mic segment to open the show. The shows are pay-what-you-can events (though no one will be turned away at the door), with no minimum donation; all donations will go towards paying our featured readers so that we can continue to support emerging artists both morally AND financially. We’re really not into taking art for free.


Y¬†words(on)stages wants¬†embrace the community closeness of literature: we encourage snaps, claps, and discussion throughout the evening. We also understand that sometimes literature is a silent-appreciation type of art. Really, we just want you to appreciate literature on your own terms, so come as you are, and don’t be afraid. It’s just words into a microphone.

From top left: Spencer Gordon (May 2014), Dagmar Morgan (May 2014), Matt Miller (June 2014), Julie Joosten (June 2014), Aisha Sasha John (June 2014), Tanya Neumeyer (July 2014), Jim Johnstone (July 2014), JC Bouchard (August 2014), Myna Wallin (August 2014), Barbara Erochina (August 2014), Dave Silverberg (September 2014), Jay MillAr (September 2014), Saredo Mohammed (November 2014), Claire Caldwell (November 2014), Ralph Kolewe (November 2014), Sandra Huber (November 2014), Dalton Derkson (January 2015), Jess Taylor (January 2015), Nikki Saltz (February 2015), Amanda Childs (February 2015), Suzanna Derewicz (Feburary 2015), Mat Laporte (March 2015), Philip Miletic (March 2015), Suzanna Derewicz (May 2015), Eric Schmaltz (May 2015), Rick Meier (July 2015), Eleni Gouliaras (July 2015), Ailsa Bristow (September 2015), Trevor Abes (September 2015), Spencer Butt (November 2015), Mark Cotoia (November 2015).


TAC_Presentation2c_pg7For our 2015-2016 season (November 2015 to September 2016) and 2016-2017 season (November 2016 to July 2017) we are thrilled to have received support from the Toronto Arts Council.