Mother2Earth | philip miletic

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October 2015 | 32 pages | $12.00 | 978-0-9940839-4-4


The poems in Mother2Earth are drawn from both the Super Famicom game,Mother 2, and its North American counterpart known as Earthbound for the Super Nintendo. Although Mother 2and Earthbound are the same game, intrinsically they are dissimilar. From the very small, to the very (oddly) obvious, the North American translation of Mother 2 transforms the game in many interesting and peculiar ways. When translating a video game, a translator not only has to translate but also rewrites the video game code. And then there are deadlines. With those, the translation of a game is rushed and poorly edited. Blemishes occur and details are overlooked. These poems (and you) revel in these errors and embrace the contradictions between translations.


Find out more about philip and Mother2Earth: an instruction booklet.


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