issue twenty: editors’ (poetry) choice

The hiatus is now upon us!

To celebrate three years and 18 issues of (parenthetical) we have selected some of our favourite stories and poems to create issues nineteen and twenty: editors’ choice issues. These were next to impossible to select, and are by no means an exhaustive roundup of our favourite pieces. We are so grateful to every writer who has submitted to us over the past three years, grateful to every writer we’ve published, and grateful to every reader who has read even as much as one single poem or story. Thank you!


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note from the editors


sleevelike and quiet

by philip gordon, issue one

The Rose Left in the Bell Jar

                                by Jasmine Gui, issue two


by Zishad Lak, issue two

   Getting there

by JC Bouchard, issue three


           by Eric Schmaltz, issue three

The Trees Meanwhile

by Jay MillAr, issue four


                                               by Samantha Bellinger, issue five

Waxfact Haibun

by JM Francheteau, issue six

visual poetry

                                by C. Isa Lausas, issue seven

Gender Blender/Eclipse of the Heart

by Ben Gallagher, issue eight

   The Rape of Proserpina

by Sara-Jane Keith, issue eight

Walden Dreams

           by James Southcott, issue eight

The Underside of the Alphabet (A Dream Abecedary)

by Natalie Morrill, issue nine

plural: teeth

                                               by Kaitlin Tremblay, issue ten


           by Reid Millar, issue twelve

Self-Portrait as Aesop

by Ali Sohail, issue twelve      


                                               by Farah Ghafoor, issue thirteen

geography of an inlet bone

by adam gregory, issue thirteen

[Muddy Children Puzzle]

                                by M. JIA, issue thirteen


by Laboni Islam, issue seventeen


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(parenthetical): issue twenty

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Featuring poetry from Samantha Bellinger, JC Bouchard, JM Franchetau, Ben Gallagher, Farah Ghafoor, philip gordon, adam gregory, Jasmine Gui, Laboni Islam, M. JIA, Sara-Jane Keith, Zishad Lak, C. Isa Lausas, Jay MillAr, Reid Millar, Natalie Morrill, Eric Schmaltz, Ali Sohail, James Southcott, and Kaitlin Tremblay.

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