issue thirteen: may 2016

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from Jacob Wren:

This is the beginning…


Sixty Sentences

and an online-exclusive interview!


note from the editors


geography of an inlet bone

poetry by adam gregory

An Elegy for My Grandfather                  

poetry by Melanie Power                  

The Stormchaser

poetry by Josh Stewart

The Women                  

poetry by Allison Jane Smith                 

Thirteen adorable photos of the animals
of the Peterborough Zoo as they learn your
son has been born (Not pictured, the camels
Zahra and Gobi–your favourites)

poetry by Jeff Blackman

Passing Fancy                 

fiction by Couri Johnson                  

[Muddy Children Puzzle]

poetry by M. JIA


poetry by Liza Edwards-Levin                  

Are You a Man or a Ghost?

poetry by Ted Elliot


poetry by Farah Ghafoor                  


poetry by Angela Penticuff

(parenthetical): issue thirteen


Thirteenth issue (May 2016) of our handmade bi-monthly literary magazine from words(on)pages. Poetry and fiction. ISSN 2368-0199.

Featuring three stories from Jacob Wren! Plus…

…poetry from: Jeff Blackman, Farah Ghafoor, adam gregory, Liza Edwards-Levin, M. JIA, Ted Elliot, Angela Penticuff, Melanie Power, Allison Jane Smith, and Josh Stewart.

…fiction from Couri Johnson.

Check out the issue online as well, featuring an online-exclusive interview with Jacob Wren!


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