issue three: september 2014

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ISSN (online): 2368-0202
ISSN (print): 2368-0199

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Issue three contributors include

“elements of drunkenness” by Simina Banu

“Getting there” by JC Bouchard

“Overhang–” by Lydia Brown

“deviations” by dalton derkson

“blinding” by Glynn Dickens

“Rancho Relaxo” by Astoria Felix

a poem by gemma goletski

“you can observe a lot by watching/a play in two parts” by Elaine Hsiang

“binge” by philip miletic

“Kingston, Jamaica” by dagmar morgan

“symbiosis” by Eric Schmaltz

four haikus by Dave Silverberg

plus a comic-poem from

Mark Laliberte

and reviews of

A Matter of Gravity by Hélène Vachon, reviewed by Nicole Brewer

A State, A Statue, A Statute by Adam Abbas, reviewed by William Kemp


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