issue seven: may 2015

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ISSN (online): 2368-0202
ISSN (print): 2368-0199

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our one-year anniversary issue!


“insomnolence” by Joyce Chong

“Landlocked” by Elizabeth DeBunce

“durand” by Michelle Duquette

“Pigeon in a Box” by Chelsea Forbes

cover image by gemma goletski

“texts I sent my Mum” by Rachel Jackson

“A bad woman is hard to find, too” by Arina Kharlamova

fragments from The Peace of Westphalia by R. Kolewe

visual poetry by C. Isa Lausas

“For the Kids Who Never Learned” by Sarah Stringer

“panic” by Erin Emily Anne Vance

“Snowbanks” by Matthew Vanstone

plus reviews of

One Hundred Days of Rain by Carellin Brooks (BookThug 2015)

and A More Perfect [ by Jimmy McInnes (BookThug 2015)


a comic-poem by Mark Laliberte

Image by Jaymi Heimbuch, from “How to make a dog birthday cake” on Mother Nature Network