issue four: november 2014

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ISSN (online): 2368-0202
ISSN (print): 2368-0199

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issue four contributors include

“oh let’s” by Laryssa Brooks

“powder blue” by Aimee Cando

“Swimming Lessons” by Monique Cuillerier

“Art School” by Jason Freure

“fly like cathedrals” by Shana Bulhan Haydock

“The Trees Meanwhile” by Jay MillAr

“Confessions, Pt. 1” by Catherine Morse

“[repeat]er Manifesto” by John Nyman

“Snakes in Place of Legs” by Chris Turnbull

“David the ghost” by Adam Zachary

plus a comic-poem from

Mark Laliberte

and reviews of

Sophrosyne by Marianne Apostolides, reviewed by Nicole Brewer

Leak by Kate Hargreaves, reviewed by William Kemp