issue five: january 2015

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ISSN (online): 2368-0202
ISSN (print): 2368-0199

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issue five includes

“Westerly” by Samantha Bellinger

“Forest for the Trees” by Ailsa Bristow

“Small Town” by Brittney Broder

“i’m not sure why” by Denver Jermyn

“Anytime at All” by Chris Johnson

“self-portrait [eight]” by Christine Lyons

“Grandma Mary” by Cira Nickel

“Nautilidaeism” by Rasiqra Revulva

“Beauty” by Nikki Saltz

“Quag” by Lizz Shepherd

“Keepsakes” by Terry Trowbridge

plus a comic-poem from Mark Laliberte

and short reviews of Portaits by JC Bouchard, Never Stop by Jess Taylor, and The Blood Mile by Andy Lyberopoulos