issue fifteen: september 2016

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what we lost in the fire

by Amy LeBlanc
second-place fiction winner

Las Meninas                 

by Klara du Plessis
third-place poetry winner               


note from the editors


A List of Reasons to be Happy

poetry by Kate Foley

Poem in which I worry about the
reading matter of the young
woman sitting next to me
on the Bloor-Danforth line                   

poetry by Sue Chenette                  

Even Greater Apes

fiction by Jordan Moffatt

Perry White,
Editor-in-Chief of
the Daily Planet

poetry by Terry Trowbridge                

two-bit pick-up line

poetry by mwpm

                preferred posture

poetry by a.m. kozak


poetry by Tiffany Babb


(parenthetical): issue fifteen


Fifteenth issue (September 2016) of our handmade bi-monthly literary magazine from words(on)pages. Poetry and fiction. ISSN 2368-0199.

Featuring two winners of the 2016 Blodwyn Memorial Prize:

“Las Meninas” by Klara Du Plessis
(third place, 2016 Blodwyn Memorial Prize in poetry)

“what we lost in the fire” by Amy LeBlanc
(second place, 2016 Blodwyn Memorial Prize in fiction)


PLUS poetry from Tiffany Babb, Sue Chenette, Kate Foley, a.m. kozak, mwpm, & Terry Trowbridge.

Also featuring fiction from Jordan Moffatt.

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