(parenthetical): the zine

“Is that a word?”
“Yeah, it means off to the side;
still a part of the sentence,
but ultimately inessential.”
“So like poetry.”
“Yes. Adds colour.”
“So like art.”

issue twenty | editors’ choice: poetry

issue nineteen | editors’ choice: fiction

issue eighteen | march 2017

issue seventeen | january 2017

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(parenthetical) is not currently accepting submissions. Find out why in this article from issue seventeen.

We at words(on)pages are the kinds of people who go to small press fairs and buy something from every table because we want to make sure there are still enough vendors for next year’s small press fair; we buy books full price because we know Amazon is the devil; we put the last of our food money into the hat at PWYC poetry readings, instead of buying groceries–we at words(on)pages LOVE to spend money we don’t really have on cool independent art projects, and and then we took it one step further.

We started a cool independent arts project of our own; we started a literary magazine.

It’s called¬†(parenthetical),¬†and it was a bi-monthly online magazine with a limited print run of issues that were designed, printed, and bound by us. Each issue features poetry and prose from about 10-12 contributors, including reviews of new poetry and fiction from small presses, and some non-fiction work to help generate critical discussion of the publishing industry in Canada.

(parenthetical) is currently on hiatus, after three years, twenty issues, and over 200 emerging writers published within our pages. You can read a bit about why in this article. We hope to be back in 2018, but in the meantime, you can always read all of our content online!