issue one: may 2014


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ISSN (online): 2368-0202
ISSN (print): 2368-0199
Because we are as yet without funding, we’ve had to host this month’s online issue through an outside site. It was either that, or have ads in the viewer. And nobody likes ads. If you have any recommendations for free or affordable PDF magazine viewers, please feel free to let us know.


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Adrian Dziewanski–“Birdhouse”

Ruth Zuchter–“TO A GOOD HOME.”

Andrea Chan–“Grave News”

Tegan Watson–“A Lie That Tells the Truth”

Caroline Cherry–“The Modern Prometheus”

philip gordon–“sleevelike and quiet”

Lian Sing–“breaking laws (before breaking hearts)”

Ramna Safeer–“My Name is Brown”

Amanda Childs–“In Between (In Latine: Crescere)”

Sarah Al-Hage–“Meat” (painting, poem, and non-fiction)

William Kemp–reviewing Everyone is CO2 by David James Brock

Nicole Brewer–reviewing Air Carnation by Guadalupe Muro