Here are some things you can pay us an affordably hourly rate to do:

  • design and lay out (typeset) your manuscript or chapbook
  • substantively edit your poetry, fiction, or non-fiction work
  • copyedit your poetry, fiction, or non-fiction work
  • proofread your poetry, fiction, or non-fiction work
  • lay out, print, and bind a print run of chapbooks for you


You can also contact words@wordsonpagespress.com to find out more about

  • our ratesBacharach (7)edit
  • our product
  • our services
  • our backgrounds
  • our credentials
  • our references
  • our mandate
  • our expectations
  • our hopes and dreams and aspirations
  • our thoughts about life and the universe and beauty and devastation
  • our innermost fears and desires
  • and so on


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