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symbiosis (editors’ pick)

poetry by Eric Schmaltz — from issue three —   —   ERIC SCHMALTZ is a writer, artist, and educator living in Toronto. His work has been featured online and in print across Canada & internationally including Carousel, Broken Pencil, Canadian Literature, Science Fiction Film & Television, Lemon Hound, The Capilano Review, Open Letter, & Poetry is Dead among other places. His visual work has been featured in galleries across… Read more →

The Trees Meanwhile (editors’ pick)

poetry by Jay MillAr — from issue four —   —   JAY MILLAR is the author of several books, the most recent of which are the small blue, esp: accumulation sonnets, Other Poems and Timely Irreverence. He is also the author of several privately published editions, including Lack Lyrics, which tied to win the 2008 bpNichol Chapbook Award. Jay is the shadowy figure behind BookThug (a publishing house… Read more →

The Rape of Proserpina (editors’ pick)

poetry by Sara-Jane Keith — from issue eight —   —   SARA-JANE KEITH is a writer of poetry and prose. She has been featured in chapbooks, HOWL radio, Quilliad magazine, and shortlisted for the untethered poetry prize. Originally from Mississauga, Sara-Jane now lives in Saskatoon completing an MFA in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan, where she co-founded the River… Read more →

sleevelike and quiet (editors’ pick)

poetry by philip gordon — from issue one — —   PHILIP GORDON is a creative writing student from vancouver island, recipient of the 2014 kevin roberts poetry award, and an editor of the literary magazines Ash Tree Journal and Text (launching in September, 2014). his work has been published in Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, Potluckmag, Chrysanthemum, Portal, Passion… Read more →