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table of contents: issue nineteen (fiction) / issue twenty (poetry) — Some of these bios may be out of date, as they are pulled from the original issues (and organizing writers under a deadline can be like herding cats). HANA ALHARASTANI hails from Michigan and is currently an MFA candidate studying fiction at the University of Central Florida. When she’s… Read more →

poetry by C. Isa Lausas — editors’ pick from issue seven —   —   C. ISA LAUSAS is a visual artist and a poet from everywhere. Originally born in Finland, Isa grew up in Marseille, France, where she graduated from ESADMM, the Academy of Fine Arts. Afterwards she has kept herself busy migrating around the globe. She settled down… Read more →

see you later, alligators

a note from the editors — This is it: the hiatus is now upon us. We are so proud of these last two issues for a few reasons, not least of which is that the month of their release marks our three-year anniversary of starting this crazy venture! It’s astonishing how much we’ve learned in those three years, from tiny… Read more →

The Rose Left in the Bell Jar (editors’ pick)

poetry by Jasmine Gui — from issue two — —   JASMINE GUI is the founder of Project 40 Collective and managing editor at LooseLeaf magazine. She has been featured in magazines such as Softblow, ricepaper, Hart House Review, and is forthcoming with Panorama Journal. Her first poetry chapbook, boke will be coming out with words(on)pages this fall. You can… Read more →

Getting there (editors’ pick)

poetry by JC Bouchard — from issue three —   —   JC BOUCHARD was born in Elliot Lake, a former mining town in northern Ontario. His poetry has appeared in journals such as Arc, untethered, (parenthetical), and The Quilliad. In 2013, one of his poems was long-listed for the CBC Poetry Prize and another received Honourable Mention for the John Newlove Poetry Award from… Read more →

Westerly (editors’ pick)

poetry by Samantha Bellinger — from issue five —   —   SAMANTHA BELLINGER is a recent graduate from The University of Toronto where she double majored in English and Spanish and held an undergraduate assistantship at a rare book library doing research in book and print history. She has been previously published in The Hart House Review and won… Read more →

Leech (editors’ pick)

fiction by Patrick Doerksen — from issue eleven — Why do mom and dad shut their door every night? Liz says they do. I haven’t seen it. I go to bed too early. I wonder if they have one too, coming after them. I wonder if they know a door can’t stop it? I’ve never thought that maybe everyone has… Read more →

#5 from Maman (editors’ pick)

fiction by Alana I. Capria — from issue nine — There was a howling behind the walls. It was long and loud and constant. It shook the shutters. It hung from the eaves. It whipped the curtains. It made the beds lumpy. Mother stood in the midst of that howling with her mouth closed. When she breathed, her nostrils flared.… Read more →