Weed Apologue | by Sarah-Jean Krahn

Weed Apologue by Sarah-Jean Krahn

$12.00 | 978-0-9950733-9-5

This chapbook is sold out via words(on)pages; contact Sarah-Jean directly via her website, sarahjeancreates.com, to purchase a copy.

A rewriting of Robert Kroetsch’s Seed Catalogue, this chapbook criticizes the colonial history of Canada and its relationship to the devastation of the environment and the status of women. Weed Apologue reveals a longstanding colonization: of landscapes, of places, and of bodies, both Worded and Real. Standing in the mortar of the quintessential may belie the most reckless compilation of an optimistic poet. It is all part of the voluntary thrall of Filling Holes, a voice to be Clavered & Whelmed.



From IV

She remains frozen, black hair cascading to collarbones
unaged. Her case is one of the after/no/one changed.

Missing Woman, when she came to the rally at Churchill
Square, Edmonton, arrested in time on a Raise Awareness
day. She was not alone. Hope progressed.

And she was outspoken about Environmental Degradation.
The Environmental Degradation buried into the nation on
April 5, 2013. A weaving of beings: tossed. From everyone:
Her presents

of a sacred circle
of deep-rooted medicines
wahkotowin and englacial chan(t)ces
silent spoor of papers.

How do you grow a national inquiry?



I tried to write Canadian literature without male
masturbation, just to see what would happen. No bites.

.                                    It was suggested that if I replaced
this seminal scene with a hoe,
.                                    it would constitute real lit
                                   for real readers.


.                                    Still no one would relieve
.                                    me of my aberration.

And I don’t give a damn if he does do does do does do
does do does do does do does do does do does do does
do does do does do does do does do does do does do
me does do me does do me does do me does do me
does do me does do me in

SARAH-JEAN KRAHN lives on and benefits from the dishonouring of Treaty 6 lands. She is the Managing Editor of the feminist creative writing journal S/tick and holds an MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory from McMaster University. Her writing appears in various anthologies and journals, including the Berkeley Poetry Review and Feminist Studies, and a portion of Weed Apologue was recently nominated for a Pushcart. Canadian publication credits include Cumulus Press, dead (g)end(er), ditch, Eleventh Transmission, Herizons, NōD, and The Poetry Institute of Canada. When not writing or tutoring others in English at the Edmonton college where she works, Sarah-Jean can be found reading on the bus, researching vegan nutrition with her husband, or eating weeds in the woods with her dog. Visit her at sarahjeancreates.com.