No Subject for the Inexperienced | by Clay Everest

No Subject for the Inexperienced by Clay Everest

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No Subject for the Inexperienced explores the intersections where history and life overlap. The candid and elegant poems in this collection track a narrator as they deal with the death of a friend and loss of a relationship while paralleling the sinking of the Titanic and The Halifax Explosion.



It went quick.

There was quiet then

the faint sound of stress,

followed by crashing, as if

everything shifted, at once

had lost its footing and fell.

It went dark. We reached

for silhouettes for something

to hold, to grasp. Then another

sound, like thunder, and we fell,

pin-wheeled through the air

until we reached water.

There was thrashing, shouting,

an inhuman sound that carried

across the water, a sound

we never thought we were capable of.

It was dark, there were stars.

It was cold, our limbs moved

in desperation. We were tired,

sore, sleep seemed so easy.

CLAY EVEREST is a poet from Halifax, Nova Scotia where he graduated from Dalhousie and helped found the Impressment Gang Magazine Association. His work has previously appeared in (parenthetical), untethered, Ottawa Arts Review, and Riddle Fence. He is currently pursuing a Masters in English at Memorial University. Clay Everest also likes boats.