My Favourite Shirley Jackson Book was Eaten By My Rapist’s Dog

poetry by Rasiqra Revulva
second place winner of the 2017 Blodwyn Memorial Prize in poetry

“Rasiqra’s poem is a found/erasure poem that stands entirely on its own, no context required, as a skilled, artful, and arresting original poem. At first glance, the poem feels almost too personal: reading feels invasive, but persistence pays off, with the reader becoming implicit in the poem. Uncomfortable, difficult, and essential, this poem blurs the reader’s complicity, asking them to think and act critically not just for the duration of the poem, but long after.”

RASIQRA REVULVA is a Toronto-based poet, multi-media artist, editor, musician, and performer with a distinct zoological reflex. Her poetry has been shortlisted for the Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Prize, the First Annual Jane Lumley Poetry Prize, and untethered‘s First Poetry Prize; recently published by untethered, Hart House Review, and In/Words Magazine; and recently performed at the second annual Naked Heart LGBTQ Literary Festival, Nuit Blanche Toronto, and Slackline Creative Arts Series. She is in the process of completing an Emerging Writers Mentorship with Diaspora Dialogues for a full-length collection inspired by the city of Toronto. Her debut chapbook of poetry and glitch-art illustration titled “Cephalopography” was published by words(on)pages┬ápress in October of 2016. Her band The Databats has recently signed to Slice Records, Australia, commencing with a re-release of their album “Chiropteratronic” in April of 2017. Learn more at @rasiqra_revulva, and