Kite Extension | Stanford Cheung

Kite Extension by Stanford Cheung

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Tinkering with the parameters of language and form, the poems in Kite Extension chart a patterned quilt of dreams, presenting dichotomies between the confessional present metonymy of everyday life against the apertures of a soundscape memory of the past. Through these two modes of existence, the speaker tries to find some rite of middle ground where he can make sense of the past and present being one unit. Kite Extension, with an air of paradoxical relevance, is the tapping between cosmic perspective and evacuated nature–what the poet calls “an unresolved trilogy on my sleeves.”

Excerpt: “Too Short for the Fall”


find a hollow myth/ a skull of idioms/ in modes/in reason

to shake/ bodies/ of text/transparent/ with the voice/ heard/

acquainted/ swell and hung/ by fracture/on a given growth/

my own sense of the shaking berth/ ponders/ lay open/ each

cell/ cut into the infected rainbow/or crack the towel/ you

count how many machines keep the clouds working/ technic

technique/ or the work of a syllabic/ every fricative; lips/like

the broadside of a / white pine citation/ eating away/ shapes

being caught in the humidity of the glottal/ a clause of density/

so much without soaking every path/ a sideburn of the ample

Moan / your noun is as beautiful/ as ever before/

Not just from exhaustion/ but ocean taming about

relationships/ to fetch a heavy rope


while in cuneiform

STANFORD CHEUNG is a poet and musician from Toronto. He is the author of Any Seam or Needlework, a book of soundscape text published by The Operating System (2016) as part of their OF SOUND::MIND Series. His work appears in Ricepaper MagazineNomadic JournalX-Peri, and elsewhere. Find more about him on his website.