On the horizon

Here we are: our last contributor-filled issue of (parenthetical) before our hiatus. If we do say so ourselves, it’s a killer issue, and we hope you enjoy all the great work from these talented writers! We’re excited now to look through all the back issues of (parenthetical) to curate one or two issues of editors’ picks, launching in May and potentially July as well. We’ve already begun re-reading, and it’s been a blast! We couldn’t be more proud of all the writers who have been a part of our little family these past three years.

In case you missed the big announcement in January, we are putting (parenthetical) on hiatus for a little bit while we reconsider how we fit into the CanLit community. That said, it’s important to us to continue contributing, so words(on)pages will continue doing everything else we do: our second annual Blodwyn Memorial Prize is open for submissions until May 1, we have a full list of 2017 spring and fall chapbooks coming out, and words(on)stages is booked through to July, with the support of the Toronto Arts Council. We’ve prepared a longer piece on how we arrived at this decision which you can find in issue seventeen, if you’re curious. Here is a short excerpt, which—while not entirely complete—covers a few of the key reasons we need some time to refocus and reorganize:

“Behind the scenes, (parenthetical) has been getting harder and harder to run. As with any new project in this digital age, the need to produce more, the need to continue to be new, is overwhelming—somewhere along the line, it felt like those perceived needs to be new, to be more, were starting to get in the way of what we wanted the magazine to be. We want it to be a place for truly new writers to see their work in print, to be able to add a publication to their bio, to feel the long-awaited vindication of getting published. We have a core set of ideals for (parenthetical) that we don’t want to let go of: there is value in print; writers must be paid; merit is not in a name; books (for better or for worse) will be judged by their covers.”

While we’re sad to step away, we’re excited to see how this break will bring us back even stronger, for words(on)pages as well as for all of you: our wonderful readers, our talented writers, and every single person who makes what we do possible and worthwhile.

Thank you to every writer we’ve ever published, every reader who has ever stopped by, and all of our supporters. We hope you enjoy the stellar cast of issue 18!