(more) big ups to Blodwyn Memorial Prize winners!

More exciting times! After a great issue fourteen with several Blodwyn Prize-winning pieces, we are excited to have two more in issue fifteen. Congratulations again to all eight amazing writers who placed in our inaugural Blodwyn Memorial Prize:

The First Time I Ever Used the Path by Charlotte Van Ryn
what we lost in the fire by Amy LeBlanc
Venus by Sara Flemington
Toll-Free by Rudrapriya Rathore

A Picture Story by Amilcar John Nogueira
Salivation by Susie Winters
Las Meninas by Klara du Plessis
Anagram Rondeaus: a Nuptial Suite by Daniel Kincade Renton

In this issue, we have “what we lost in the fire” by Amy LeBlanc, and “Las Meninas” by Klara du Plessis. “what we lost in the fire” grabbed us with the story it didn’t tell: the space and time in between striking, tactile images was haunting, and lingered with us through every round of reading. “Las Meninas” is an incredible feat of poetry, with layers of meaning we’re still uncovering every time we reread it. We loved the language work and rhythm of this poem, which had us coming back to it over and over as we narrowed down our longlist, shortlist, and winners.

Stay tuned for our fiction and poetry runners-up in issue 16, or read it all online anytime! The Blodwyn Memorial Prize would not have been possible without the support of our amazing sponsors from across Canada. Thank you to BookThug, the primary sponsor of our fiction prize, as well as Insomniac Press, Palimpsest Press, Pedlar Press, and Penguin Random House Canada. We are also grateful for the support of Brick Books, Invisible Publishing, Literary Press Group of Canada, Metatron, The Porcupine’s Quill, Véhicule Press, and Anne McClelland.