That Pass Between | M.H. Vanstone

That Pass Betweenthat-pass-between-promo-cover
by M.H. Vanstone

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THAT PASS BETWEEN by MH VANSTONE responds to a world of endless knowledge, the impossibility of originality, and rapidly exhausted modes of being. This series of prose poems represents an unanticipated journey through various riddles, (self-made) paradoxes, and logical contradictions to the ends of thought and feeling, where meaning-full phenomena lie just beyond cognition.


And so, too, the land cannot forget. Of every moment, swarms, with particular obsession. Wasting nothing. The excess swallowed. Into an unreal second. Somehow rational. Somehow temperature without cold. Or, forgetting everything, is universal in nature. Lost of element. Insensitive to detail. To finally. Coming back to mind. Forgetting everything. To the point. Of turning without strain. To the point. Of regardless, curving again. Of remembering the cool. Light. Circumstance as it was. Tied to the land. The force of that slack inch.

There is only tone now to be read, to be found beyond elaboration. This, the improbable faith of the ocean, to be heard in terms of vision for its vacancy. No example can be drawn. No criteria to recognize a burnt-in omission. When a bird dies in flight, the others describe a grave in air. It has nothing to do with content or the way. A score of etches in the sky and not a scratch endures, not then a tacit sigh to reassure. As if the grounds could take on pattern. Look downward. Blink now and they soar.

M.H. VANSTONE is a Toronto writer with a background in film and English literature. His work has recently appeared in The Puritan and (parenthetical). That Pass Between is his debut chapbook.