Cephalopography | Rasiqra Revulva

by Rasiqra Revulva


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CEPHALOPOGRAPHY is a multi-form exploration of various axes of human identity through the lens of cephalopods and their environments; aka an illustrated celebration of RASIQRA REVULVA’S imaginary best friends. Dive in, and don’t forget to breathe.


Octopo and Teuthiet


Two octopoteuthis deletron squid collided in the Pacific depths at sunset in July. Each one mirrored the other, with a shimmering, voluptuous, sperm-plastered mantle, and engorged tentacles bursting with come-hither barbs. The squid fell deeply in love. But soon they found themselves unable to feed. Both deletrons were inevitably drawn to hunting the other, now possessing the only flesh each craved in all the ocean. They pledged a vow of starvation, lest they risk consuming each other. With every passing wave, their bodies grew less sumptuous; their love, more incandescent.

And one November morning, both flesh and love were gone.




RASIQRA REVULVA is multi-platform, multi-media, multi-dimensional artistic and literary magic.  Rasiqra Revulva demands both input and output. Rasiqra Revulva divides her time predominantly between the realms of Art and Language and Southern Ontario.  rasiqra revulva does not need to be capitalized.  Rasiqra Revulva is every part of speech.  Rasiqra revulva is a live quasar.  Rasiqra Revulva qua silver, qua veils.  Rasiqra Revulva: larva quivers; viral, alive. You can find her @rasiqra_revulva and www.rasiqrarevulva.com