year three: holy shit


a note from the editors

Somehow, we are heading into our third year of this absurd little venture we call words(on)pages. Probably at least once a month, we’ve considered shutting it all down—because who doesn’t think about it? Quitting, giving up. But then we produce another issue of (parenthetical) with another (approximately) ten incredible writers who trusted us with their words—and we are inspired and encouraged, because they are all so amazing. And then someone tells us, out of the blue, that they really enjoyed something from an issue or two ago, and we are heartened and our flat little egos inflate a little, just enough to eke out another issue.

You are all the best, is what we’re trying to say, and we would never have gotten this far without you. So we’re changing it up a little: we’re making more room for stories and poems in our print issues, and moving our non-fiction and reviews to an online-only format. We’re also excited to be bringing one “featured” writer to each issue: a writer we think is doing really exciting work in the CanLit community, solicited by the editors. This is the only solicitation we ever do, and the rest of each issue will remain curated entirely from our submissions.

Our very first featured writer is Jacob Wren, author of (most recently) Rich and Poor, published this spring by BookThug. You’ll find three of his stories in between these covers, and if you venture over to our online issue, you’ll also find an interview. We’re excited to have Wren’s scathing, quick-witted writing in our two-year anniversary issue, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Here’s to year two, to year three. Here’s to you. To the future, whatever it looks like.


Nicole and Will