(parenthetical) issue thirteen contributors

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Jeff Blackman’s poetry has appeared in periodicals such as Blacklock’s Reporter, In/Words, and the Steel Chisel, the anthology Five (Apt. 9 Press), and Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015 (Tightrope Books). He keeps warm in Ottawa, Ontario, with his growing family. Visit jeffblackman2001.wordpress.com for poetry and downloadable chapbooks.

Liza Edwards-Levin is a student in Chicago. She has been published in her school’s literary magazine, in (parenthetical), in University of Chicago’s Blacklight Magazine, and in the Chicago area Poem-A-Day Project. She has exhibited her art- and creative writing based-zine, Creative Evolution, at the Chicago Zine Fest for the past three years, and it has been distributed online at Sweet Candy Distro as well as in several local bookstores. Additionally, her writing has received a Gold Key in the Scholastic competition. She has attended the UVA Young Writers Workshop and the Write to the City camp. For the past two years, she has participated in Chicago’s slam poetry competition Louder Than A Bomb.

Ted Elliot writes from Montreal where he’s pursuing a degree in English Literature at Concordia University. His poems start out mostly as scribbles in worn notebooks. He is often found perusing second-hand bookstores, looking for new additions to his already colossal home library.

Farah Ghafoor is a fifteen-year-old poet and a founding editor at Sugar Rascals. She believes that she deserves a cat and/or outrageously expensive perfumes, and can’t bring herself to spend pretty coins. Her work is published or forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, alien mouth, Really System, Moonsick, and elsewhere. Find her online at fghafoor.tumblr.com.

adam gregory is a student at the University of Toronto. His poetry has been published in the Hart House Review, as well as its winter supplement.

Couri Johnson is a graduate of the North Eastern Ohio Master of Fine Arts. Recently she has relocated for the time being to Marugame, Japan. Her work has been published by Print-Oriented Bastards, Demois Ezine, among others, and she has a chapbook coming out with Dancing Girl Press in the Spring of 2016. She can be found on Twitter at @a_couri.

M. JIA is a halfway decent jazz singer who is currently looking for a job. You can find her most recent publications in Room, Vinyl Poetry, and Petrichor Machine. You can also email her here: themarchlandhare@gmail.com. ( Strangers welcome; bonus points for sincerity. )

Angela Penticuff has a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Central Missouri, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Creative and Life Writing from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a content editor for the literary magazine Blue Monday Review. Five years ago she founded a writing club for the students at the school where she teaches. Her fiction has appeared in The Scribe and is forthcoming in Aethlon and Riprap Journal.

Melanie Power is a writer from St John’s, Newfoundland. She has been published in the Soliloquies Anthology issue 20.1.

Allison Jane Smith is a freelance writer, communications consultant, and sometimes poet. Her writing on politics, culture, and travel has appeared in the Washington Post, The Ottawa Citizen, and The Rumpus, among others. She is a contributor to Travelife Canada. Follow her on Twitter: @asmithb.

Josh Stewart is an ESL teacher in Mississauga. He’s written two poetry chapbooks, Temptation as a Technical Difficulty (Anstruther Press 2015) and Invention of the Curveball (Cactus Press 2008). His work has appeared in magazines such as Descant, The New Quarterly, CV2, Carousel, Prairie Fire, Grain, and The Antigonish Review.

Jacob Wren makes literature, performances, and exhibitions. His books include: Unrehearsed Beauty, Families Are Formed Through Copulation, Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed, and Polyamorous Love Song (a finalist for the 2013 Fence Modern Prize in Prose and one of the Globe and Mail’s 100 best books of 2014). As co-artistic director of Montréal-based interdisciplinary group PME-ART he has co-created the performances: En français comme en anglais, it’s easy to criticize, Individualism Was A Mistake, The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information, and Every Song I’ve Ever Written. Connect with him on his blog (radicalcut.blogspot.com) or on Twitter @everySongIveEve.