1998 (editors’ pick)

poetry by Reid Millar — from issue twelve

1998 for web


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REID MILLAR has not yet been defined by a trade. He is not of legal ages: drinking for example, and he cannot vote. Perhaps by the time you read this he will have been accepted into a university of his liking, and will be preparing for a post- secondary experience. Regardless, he is currently in high school and goes to class as often as he can. He has blonde hair, as does his brother, while his mother has red hair and his father has brown hair. He likes to think of his family as a rainbow when they stand near each other. He is a native of Toronto and lover of music. He spends his time flipping through record bins and spending money he doesn’t have (see first sentence above). He once introduced bill bissett to a crowd of people and once had dinner with Steve McCaffrey at an Italian Restaurant. This is his first published poem.