Bottling the Lead Singer of the Mountain Goats | Brady Tighe

Bottling the Lead Singer of the Mountain Goatscoverdraft

by Brady Tighe

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APRIL 2016

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A young poet ventures to Seattle to see a legendary folk-rock band. Bottling the Lead Singer of the Mountain Goats is a collection of 13 poems about great cities, great bands, and the eternal question of whether or not your ex needs a postcard, or whether or not you should bottle the lead singer of a band just because he reminds you of someone you want to hit with a beer bottle.





i. Travel Morning


A notebook entry: Going to Seattle

will document.

The closest adults come to a childlike

Christmas morning

is on those mornings that they wake up

to go somewhere new.

I’m going somewhere new.

I’ve brought books

by Burroughs

by Garcia

my notebook

& a denim coat

in case it gets cold.


ix. Visiting Old Friends


I don’t know anyone in Seattle

but I find an old friend in a used bookstore.

I buy one of his books

that I don’t already have

& smile

because now I have new poems to read

& I’ll have

a boring story

about where I bought the book they came in

to bring up

at parties

that I can’t drink at.



BRADY TIGHE is a writer living and working in Victoria. He spends his days listening to punk rock records, reading books, and taking really impressive naps. He has previously worked as a journalist, and has had his work featured in Portal Magazine and text. This is his debut chapbook. |