Bodies Vs. | Adam Zachary

Bodies Vs.
by Adam Zachary

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APRIL 2016

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Bodies Vs. is a collection of essays and stories that detail experiences of human bodies as insufficient avatars for our souls. Of bodies demanding too much space between ourselves and things that we long to interact with more intimately; including friends, lovers, and their bodies, too. Of our limited senses, of eyes and nerve endings as ineffective conduits of information. Of bodies subjected to injuries or disabilities that interrupt or permanently impede perception. Of bodies too weak to serve as weapons, no matter how willing is the spirit to fight.


Excerpt (Introduction)


Bodies contain, except when they do not. Bodies of water contain water, except when they do not care to. Bodies of growing boys strain daily to contain them, usually succeed, except for when they fall from trees. Bodies of growing trees usually succeed, except when their limbs are snapped by boys. The body of your aging mother appears to be doing fine, but (bless her) is starting to let out smells. Bodies of wilting lilies come to a similar apex of fragrancy. Bodies of certain aquarium fish often appear to be failing but usually are not. Bodies of sea cucumbers often intentionally fail. Broken bodies share their contents with the sidewalk as dakhma share bodies with the sky. Bodies of light are as generous in darkness as bodies of darkness are selfish in light. Bodies of shadow (the selfishness) hide wherever they can fit. Bodies of matter often fail, but into new bodies. The body of nothingness cannot fail, but is often infringed upon.

ADAM ZACHARY is a Toronto writer and artist; co-editor of micropress Abrahams & Zachary; former editor of the Hart House Review; autodidact of literature and emotion. |