meat//machine | Astoria Felix


by Astoria Felix


20 pages | $12.00 | 978-0-9940839-6-8


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meat//machine is a weird and wonderful debut chapbook from Astoria Felix. Divided into three parts informally entitled “summer sheets,” “circuit board: an interlude,” and “meat//machine,” this chapbook effortlessly envelopes the reader as they drink in its contents, sitting heavy and immovable when the last line is finished. Felix subverts language and genre conventions not only by moving fluidly between styles, but by presenting readers with something that simultaneously feels familiar—almost safe—and unnerving. Revelling in this tension,  meat//machine is equal parts hauntingly ethereal and ruthlessly tangible, resulting in a challenging, strenuous, and rewarding experience from start to finish.


“meat machine”


nature is not a machine/but the way his fingers react to mine makes me think otherwise/resting under white cotton sheets/his breath steadies i hear a/ticking behind his right ear/every night i orchestrate my fingers/across the cool plaster of the wall/pressing ears against the corners of his closet i account for every plop, sszz and, slop that murmurs/into our room and file them away /the mice are not consistent/the water pipe sighs too low/ the racoons claws scatter into homely holes/how am i to know that those eyes that lower onto mine are/not just glass and gears?/a meat machine ornamented with honey suckles

ASTORIA FELIX is third year university student completing a double major in English literature and art history. She resides in down town Toronto, where she spends her days bouncing between classes, museums, galleries, parks, coffee shops and other of the many little cozy nooks the city has to offer. Astoria’s growing collections of comics, vinyl records and toys have inspired her passion for creating her own small crafts. She enjoys exploring a mix of the campy and quirky aspects of popular culture, horror movies, the beauty of nature and the Wiccan faith. Explore more of her work at