Interzones | Domenica Martinello



poems by Domenica Martinello


April 2015 | 32 pages | $12.00 | 978-0-9940839-0-6 | Get it here!


One definition of the word “zone” is as follows: “any continuous tract or area that differs in some respect, or is distinguished for some purpose, from adjoining tracts or areas, or within which certain distinctive circumstances exist or are established.” An “interzone” is the liminal space between tracts, historically the place between two military occupied areas. An interzone is a cessation period struggling for articulation.

Interzones explores how the garrisons created by grief and self-effacement are negotiated in urban spaces.


“Time Zones” by Domenica Martinello


this is so far from dying, so far from fucking in some miscellaneous motel stairwell. far from me imagining you watching yourself watching it happen, telling me about it at some dark noncommittal bar recreating the whiskeywhacked seasickness of stop-starting. from here the bones in your face look crushable as paper cups. dying to cut you off but, here’s another round. here’s the ricochet sound of your belt buckle against the railing,

the glaring EXIT sign, the tumour at the table

quietly throbbing.



Sex drive run rampant, a wildfire sickness in your cells, has quelled. Chakra-shocked. The finality of the loss and the quickness of the last second, may as well not have happened. Maybe it didn’t. Things are easier to discard now—the drafting table, gone. The microwave a shadow of shiny countertop. Canvases of dripping intestines, canvases of splotchy bruised stains, of geometric birds, canvases of old lovers—late housewarming gift, here you go, take it, no room for it where I’m going, done pushing paint, I’ll send you a postcard.



 do you know how hard it is to bring an urn on a plane? it’s a lot

of paperwork.


“… It is this type of abject imagery throughout Interzones that gives Domenica Martinello’s poetry such precision and unyielding passion. Her thoughtful mediations on representation and identity challenge conventional norms of desire and repulsion. The slippery boundaries of Interzones draw the reader into Martinello’s world of relationships and uncompromising language and imagery.” – Robert Anderson, Fjords Review


“… An adept, perhaps, of navigating the zones where bodies, theory, grief and language, are not obstacles but waypoints, a wanderer at home with being in-between, at ease on liquid between <span “font-family:cambria;mso-hansi-font-family:=”” helvetica;mso-ansi-language:es-trad”=””>shores. What one poet defines, another poet, sure enough, is already up to, drawing through her body into the poetic text.” – Aaron Boothby, Cosmonauts Avenue

DOMENICA MARTINELLO is a Toronto-based writer originally from Montréal, Québec. She is the head of publicity for the literary journal The Puritan, and interviews editor for CWILA: Canadian Women in Literary Arts. She is currently working on her first full-length collection of poetry titled All Day I Dream About Sirens.